Gaming/CAD Workstation Computer, Xeon 6 core X5670, 24gb ram, 2x AMD RADEON Fury


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Very fast computer that can easily run the latest games.  The two AMD Radeon Fury video cards are still very powerful for either graphics or compute due to the HBM.

Foxconn Bloodrage x58 socket 1366 motherboard

Intel Xeon X5670 @ 4.486ghz all core overclock

Tuniq Tower 120 extreme air cooler

24gb Crucial Ballistix @ 1866mhz 8-8-8-24-1T

2x Sapphire AMD Radeon R9 Fury video cards

Crucial MX500 SSD 500gb

Western Digital HDD 1TB

Blue-Ray DVD RW

Seasonic 1250w gold rated power supply

Coolermaster HAF case with upgraded Noctua Fans. Front hot swap bays can be used with either 2.5″ or 3.5″ drives.

No OS included

Additional items included:

-original box for one of the Radeon Fury video cards, I can not find the other

-additional power cables that came with the PSU

-additional parts that came with the Foxconn Bloodrage motherboard

-Spare Intel L5639 cpu

-Extra socket adapters for the Tuniq tower heat sink

-Factory Intel socket 1366 cpu heatsink and fan

3d mark time spy results:

3DMark Score


Graphics Score


CPU Score


Graphics Test 1

70.18 fps

Graphics Test 2

56.69 fps

CPU Test

17.32 fps

I built this computer ~2010 and continued to upgrade it over the years. I used it for light gaming and CAD / 3d printing work. I have an almost identical system so it’s time to let one of the two go.

I will ship the computer with stock speed profile. You can simply apply the 24/7 overlock in bios to get to the overclocked speeds. These were stable for my usage type, light gaming & cad work. You might have to tweak bclk and voltage to get stable for your game/work environment. I’ve had this board stable @ 220blk using a Xeon L5639 so there is probably a little more room to overclock this X5670 by using water cooling.

***While the Foxconn Bloodrage is an excellent motherboard it has well documented cold boot issues that were never fixed with bios updates. Even at stock clocks/settings the board does not always want to cold boot AFTER the power supply has been disconnected. Thankfully they included the BIOS reset switch on the back plate and when that one does that do the job, there is the one on the motherboard that works 100% of the time. This usually comes into play when overclocking too much and the system does not POST.

If the board does not POST it is a three step procedure:

-First try the reset on the backplate, if it still won’t POST use the big red button on the motherboard itself.

-Now that the BIOS is reset, enter BIOS and select “Load Optimized Defaults,” save and exit.

-Enter BIOS again and in the Quantum BIOS area select either “24/7 overclock” or “Tweaked Stock Speeds.” Press load, then save and exit.

-After the POST beep, the screen may take 5-10 seconds to turn on.

Specification: Gaming/CAD Workstation Computer, Xeon 6 core X5670, 24gb ram, 2x AMD RADEON Fury


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