2 meter/70cm Dual Band Collapsible Copper J Pole Antenna by KC0SDV Free shipping


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2 Meter Dual Band Collapsible Copper J-Pole Antenna

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This J-Pole is made from 1/2 inch solid copper pipe and can be
broken down into 2 pieces, each about 34 inches, which makes it convenient to use for Emcom, Public Service and Field Day events, etc. It is also great for your base unit as the connectors are water tight. 

It is tuned for lowest SWR at 146.00 and is less than 1.5 across the entire 2
meter band and can also be used on 70cm as that band is a close third harmonic of the 2 meter band. SWR in the 70cm band is under 2.0 the entire band but keep in mind, this is primarily a 2 meter antenna, that will also work on 70cm.

The coax connector is a standard SO 239 that is pop riveted and soldered (see photo).  If you
want to use it with an HT that has either an SMA or BNC connector, you can use
the appropriate adapter on the HT so that a standard PL 259 can be connected to
the HT.  These are available online and at most hamfests.

If you are in an apartment or have antenna restrictions, this is the perfect antenna as shown in the photos of it in the stand or painted the color of a tree and leaning up against it. The stand (or tree) are not included, but the stand can be built from items readily available at Lowe’s, etc. Also, as a result of several requests to purchase one of the stands, I now have it listed separately….click on my other listings to see it. 

Overall length is 65 inches so it will fit in most attics. For mounting outside, look at the 4 photos of how several hams have mounted it and sent the photos to me.  

For use as a base antenna, the “stub” easily attaches to a mast, or can be inserted in the open end of a mast. For the Public Service events I work, I just insert it in the end of a push-up pole. For longer term usage, I suggest attaching to the mast with either U-bolts or hose clamps. I have used my personal one with up to 300 watts with no problem and it can handle 500+ watts.

If you need a “stealth” (HOA friendly) antenna you can paint it with non-metallic paint to blend in with the surroundings. Two other novel “stealth” solutions are to put it in a large flower pot on the deck and cover with plastic flowers, or paint it the color of a tree trunk and lean it against the tree…see if you can find the antenna in the photo. 

Also, one of the photos shows me making J-Poles at Field Day 2008 for the education activity. 

Please click on “ask a question” if you need more information,
and also on the “store” links to see my other antennas (1.25 meters, MURS, and NOAA and of course the personalized handcrafted oak call
signs which are the perfect addition to your shack. (Photo of my personal call sign with my Heathkit SB200.)

Please be aware of the FCC Enforcement Advisory issued 1/17/2021…”Amateur and Personal Radio Services Licensees and Operators may not use radio equipment to commit or Facilitate Criminal Acts.” A copy of this is the last photo.

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