100% Kona Hawaiian Coffee, Medium Roast Whole Beans, Fresh Roasted Daily 1 Pound


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 We only roast the finest coffee beans
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 Taste Our Passion In Every Sip; We Are Your True Coffee Hunters!


Our coffees are gourmet grade 1 – 100% Arabica Coffee, not
to be confused 

with what our competitor’s sell, you will taste the difference!

This Kona coffee is clean and
well-balanced with a medium body and cheerful, bright acidity yet classically
balanced and often exhibiting spicy and also buttery qualities with subtle
winey tones, intensely aromatic, and with a great aftertaste/finish. Grown only
on the Big Island of Hawaii, the unique flavor of pure Kona coffee is
recognized by coffee aficionados as one of the world’s classic single origin
coffees. Smooth and mellow, our pure Kona coffee is delicately balanced with a
lively finish, reflective of our farm’s high elevation and deep volcanic soils.
One of the world’s classic coffee origins, produced exclusively from a
traditional strain of typical (one of the world’s oldest coffee varieties)
selectively hand-picked, and wet-processed, using the traditional
ferment-and-wash method.  

This classic heritage is reflected
in the fundamental Kona cup, with its gently lively acidity and high-toned,
clean complexity. Nevertheless, the complex micro-climates of the rugged Kona
terrain and variations in husbandry and processing among its defiantly
idiosyncratic farmers has created a fascinating array of variations on the
basic Kona cup, ranging from sweet and simple, through sweet and delicately
complex, to exhilarating fruity, to (at the highest growing altitudes)
grandly austere and acidity.  


Advantages Our Competitors can’t match, in short why you should
buy from us!

First, we only use grade 1 gourmet coffee beans that are

100% Arabica Coffee beans in all of our coffees.


Arabica Coffee Beans are considered gourmet coffee beans; we never mix in
Robusta Coffee Beans to increase our profits. The difference is a clean coffee
without the bitterness found in other brands of coffee.


Darling is our buyer because she grew up on a coffee
farm working

along with her father from the young age of 4 years old while
living in Nicaragua

It was there that she learned how to spot the attributes of a high
quality coffee bean as a young child. Together it is our passion to bring you
the world’s finest coffees. There are no short cuts to a great cup of coffee.
First you must start with the highest quality coffee beans you can find. We have
traveled to the most of the coffee farms we import from to bring you the finest
coffees from around the world. If you pay less somewhere someone is cutting
corners on quality, our reputation is worth more!



I’m Gary I learned the art of
roasting coffee in Costa Rica where I went to study the fine art of roasting
this incredible bean we call coffee for long 6 years. I learned about roasting
coffees by the altitude & soil conditions in which they were grown. There
is a major difference in a coffee bean grown at lower altitude and a coffee
bean we call (SHB) grown at a much high altitude in this industry.

Every Morning We Start Roasting At 4:00 A.M.

I lit our Probat roasters for the day to roast only the coffees that have
been ordered the day before. Yes, we take our coffee seriously in fact very seriously.
Small batch roasting is more expensive because it limits the amount of coffee
we can roast in one day but, this roasting technique ensures that each batch of
coffee will be superior in quality and roasted evenly to the desired roast
profile, not mass produced. This process draws out the best possible flavor in
each batch. Small batch roasting permits a higher quality of standards in
coffee throughout the complete process: from choosing the correct charge &
drop temperature & then to slowly roasting each small batch to perfection.

All Our Coffees Are
Packaged in 1 Pound Bags That Are Nitrogen flushed.

Nitrogen is an
odorless and tasteless gas that is heavier than oxygen. It is typically used in
the food industry because of its ability to reduce the staling process. Since
Nitrogen has no smell or taste, it won’t compromise the quality of the coffee
taste but, will ensure its freshness for a long period of time. When paired
with our one way values on our coffee bags it will keep your coffee fresh
roasted coffee fresh for months to come. This is a time consuming process &
adds to the cost of our coffee in both bags and labor but, we think it is worth
it, because most people only drink around a 1/2 to 3/4 of a pound of coffee a


coffee will be Fresh Roasted, Bagged & Shipped while it is still cooling
down from our roaster!

Source All Of Our Coffee’s, We Are Your True Coffee Hunters !

Taste Our Passion In Every Sip!

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