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This listing is for Gray Smoke Jerky. Some of the finest tasting beef jerky anywhere! We began making jerky in 2008 as a hobby. Encouraged by the compliments of friends and family, we began selling our jerky at a local hardware store and now on eBay. 
We use only the leanest eye of round beef we can find. We hand trim it and slice it, then it is cured and marinated for 24 hours. We then smoke it to perfection with real hickory. Your jerky is fresh smoked and packed in vacuum sealed bags for freshness.

The final product is the perfect combination of smoke, pepper and just the right amount of “pull.”

100% MSG and Gluten free!!!

This is REAL cured and smoked jerky. Not something a soccer mom made in a food dehydrator!

Here’s a little about our process . . .

The Meat
We begin with USDA Choice eye of round.
This is one of the leanest cuts of beef available. 

The Prep
The meat is hand trimmed and sliced to ensure consistency and quality. 

The Cure and Seasonings
Our meat is then naturally cured and seasoned for a genuine jerky taste. Nothing artificial here! 

The Smoke
After curing for 24 hours, the meat is smoked to perfection with hickory in our own custom smoker. 

The Packaging
After finishing in the smoker, the jerky is weighed into one pound bags and vacuum sealed for absolute freshness. 

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