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Carpenter Bee Trap. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.  U.S patent # RE46,421. Our traps are made with durable materials to last in all weather conditions. We offer a complete satisfaction or money back guarantee.  Carpenter bees are attracted to the holes in the wood of the trap and the scent of dead bees.  The upward holes and or scent of dead bees are the bait for your trap.   Sometimes our traps catch bees the day they are hung up and sometimes it takes a week or so.  If you want to give your trap a jump start you can swat down a couple bees and put the dead carpenter bee in the jar of the trap.  That is the most attractive bait if you want to jump start your trap before hanging. If you have existing holes in the structure you are hanging your traps on, it is a good idea to plug the existing holes with something to get the carpenter bees out of the existing holes and looking for a new place to make a home. If you hang your trap around a existing hole and you are not having any luck catching bees in your trap then you definitely need to plug the holes around the trap.  This trap is made with natural wood and may crack, but it does not effect the performance of the trap. Cracking and checking is a very natural life cycle of wood, even once its been cut, shaped and prepared for building. Thanks so much for purchasing our product and God Bless! 

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